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Extra virgin olive oils are products that have “zero defects” from harvesting to the end of the harvest. Home cooks and also professionals know that good olive oil is invaluable. Whether it’s sautéing vegetables and meats, combine it with vinegar to season your salads or simply drown on top of a deliciously toasted slice of bread.

In addition to giving preference to extra virgin olive oils, you should choose products with acidity less than 0.8%, which are pure and packed in glass and dark bottles (not to say that olive oils in clear bottles are bad). The extra virgin type preserves all the nutrients of olive oil. It is the result of the first pressing of the olives, at controlled temperature, without going through any kind of refining.

Make sure your pantry is full of top-nottoingredients, including the best olive oil for sauces, sautés and more. To help you choose the best olive oils, we have listed here 5 high quality brands.

5 best olive oil brands on the market

1. Cartuxa – Portugal

best olive oil brands cartuxa

Cartuxa is Olive oil of superior quality, with its olives selected in its perfect sanitary and maturation state. Fruity, aromatic, smooth on the palate and well balanced. Suitable for all kinds of gastronomic delicacies. Extra Virgin Rating 100% Pure. This olive oil has an aroma of green fruits. In the mouth, it has a green leaf and herb flavor, being bitter and spicy, with soft notes of exotic spices.

2. Colavita – Italy

colavita best olive oil brands

The Colavita family traced their roots in the small town of Sant’Elia to Pianisi, about twenty miles east of Campobasso, in the Molise region of Italy. It was there, four generations ago, that Giovanni Colavita founded a family of olive oil and the extra virgin olive oil Colavita was born.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Colavita is obtained from the best olives carefully selected and transformed with methods that keep authenticity and organic and nutritional characteristics unchanged, with the same passion and experience for four generations.

3. Herdade do Esporão – Portugal

herdade do esporão

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Herdade do Esporão is one of the largest ornaments in Alentejo and Portugal. The production is practically handmade, almost manual.

The olives are transported separately by varieties and received at the Herdade’s lagar, in Reguengos de Monsaraz, a few hours after harvest being immediately processed. The olive oil is cleaned by centrifugation, the extraction is done cold, which preserves the aromas, color and fresh taste.

4. Deleyda – Chile


Olive oil produced in Chile, of good intensity, with aroma of herbs and apple notes. In the mouth, it is fresh, with good bitterness and a pleasant spicy touch. He has won several medals in international competitions. Maximum acidity: 0.2%.

Deleyda is a company dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil, of first quality. By combining different varieties of olive trees the result of a delicate mix of Italian and Spanish varieties has managed to produce a high quality Oil Tuscany type.

5. Mykonos – Grece

mykonos best olive oil brands

Mykonos olive oil has a golden green color with intense brightness, aromas of fresh fruits, intense flavor and a slight ardor at the end of the mouth.

In Greece and in particular lakonia, the best oil in the world is probably produced. The quality, hygiene and quality of Medolio products are ensured from the first step, with the rigorous choice of the regions and places where olive oil is manufactured in lakonia district.

In The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mykonos, a product of lakonia soil, all the proper characteristics and beneficial particularities of the category of olive oil of supreme quality coexist. It has a rich flavor, above all low acidity, its own aroma of fresh fruit, golden-green tone of intense brightness and a light glow, which is due to the large amount of polyphenols, so precious to our health.

It combines exceptionally with salads, vegetables, oily foods and fish.

Final considerations

To conserve your olive oil, make sure that you are storing it the right way. This means keeping your olive oil in a cool, dry, dark place like your pantry or cupboard (not next to the stove). The right storage will prevent your oil from getting bad or lose its flavor and aroma.

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